Employee Engagement

Reducing worker turnover while increasing morale and efficiency through signage and print programs

Given that employee replacement costs can reach as high as 50 to 60 percent of a worker’s annual salary per the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), initiatives to retain your staff are a top priority today. For many, communication measures such as sending emails and pinning notices on bulletin boards are no longer enough.

When achieved through initiatives managed and deployed by Alliance Global Graphics, employee retention programs can not only increase morale and productivity—they can also enhance recruitment. Throughout your corporation, rely on us for signage, graphics and printed solutions that:

  • Prominently feature mission statements and core values
  • Distribute important information to hundreds or thousands of employees
  • Recognize employee achievements
  • Update workers in real time across multiple job sites
  • Highlight motivational quotes
  • Brighten back-office work areas
  • Supplement training or new product announcements
  • Promote events to drive attendance
  • Display performance metrics to boost productivity
  • Publicize employee incentive programs
  • Post human-resources information

Employee recognition: Its impact on worker retention and job satisfaction

Employee retention was the No. 1 challenge identified by HR professionals in 2016, just as it was the year before, according to survey results from SHRM and Globoforce—which may be why 81 percent of companies use recognition in one form or another. A more motivated workforce is also a benefit. In their 2016 report on Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement, SHRM noted that nearly half (48 percent) of employees reported that management’s recognition of their performance was very important to their job satisfaction.