Safety & Security

Enhancing privacy, safety and security through enterprise-wide graphic initiatives

In today’s increasingly litigious marketplace, the pressure on companies to reduce costly worker compensation claims and minimize exposure to expensive, security-breach lawsuits calls for the kind of solutions delivered by Alliance Global Graphics.

By implementing turnkey signage, graphics and printing programs across multiple locations, it’s possible we could such as a tarnished company reputation, downtime or lost business opportunities. Among others, look to us for solutions that can:

  • Outfit your vehicle fleet with reflective graphics to reduce accidents, worker’s compensation claims and insurance costs. (The NHTSA reports that reflective materials reduce side and rear impacts resulting in a fatality or injuries in dark conditions by 44 percent.)
  • Improve workplace privacy and security through the application of frosted or etched vinyl graphics on office doors, windows and glass partitions, as well as on glass walls for staircases and walkways.
  • Install photoluminescent (i.e., glow-in-the-dark) exit signs and vinyl film markings on hallways, stairwells and other egress paths to improve safety.
  • Direct drivers, enhance pedestrian safety, reduce collisions, explain policies and improve customer or visitor satisfaction with parking lot and other exterior signage programs.