Project Management

Providing knowledgeable, complete support from a single source

With Alliance Global Graphics, you’ll work with an experienced Project Manager who assumes responsibility from concept to completion and ensures world-class solutions that deliver optimum results.

Rely on your Project Manager to handle everything from the largest issues to the smallest details—including permitting and variance approvals as well as delivery scheduling, final installations, sign-offs and more.

Dedicated to your account, committed to keeping you fully informed on progress and responsible for the success of your entire program, your Project Manager will:

  • Update you regularly with phone calls, email communications and status reports
  • Establish a Progress Tracker and review it with you during a weekly web conference
  • Document project milestones with photographs and local manager signatures
  • Ensure logos, colors, fonts and other branding elements are consistently applied correctly
  • Coordinate personnel and processes across multiple time zones and/or international borders
  • Assure quality printing and fabrication, timely deliveries and installation best practices
  • Work with local Alliance teams to meet target deadlines, approval processes and budgetary goals
  • Proactively identify cost and time savings as well as quality enhancements