Project Spotlight - NRG Energy – Cubicle Signs

Custom Office Cubicle Identification Signs
Princeton, New Jersey


In the final stages of decorating and outfitting their new 130,000-square-foot headquarters building, NRG Energy encountered a problem in attaching signs to the cubicle walls that would identify the modular offices sited throughout the three-floor structure.

The cubicle walls were constructed of particle board to which fabric was glued. As a result, the pins that normally would hold the signs in place would bend on application and not install properly. This resulted in insecure signs that were easily dislodged and in need of regular adjustment.

Looking across the facility floor, visitors and employees alike would see an array of office modules with cubicle signs presenting an uneven appearance—hardly the type of clean and precise presentation NRG envisioned for their new $40 million, state-of-the-art headquarters intended to showcase the energy producer’s renewable and high-efficiency technologies and commitment to a greener future.



Called by NRG for their expertise in all matters relating to signs, Alliance Global Graphics met with the Facility Manager and others at the new headquarters to assess the challenge and devise a solution.

For the energy producer, we created a standard cubicle sign layout and modified it to have a 5/8” brace on the back at a 90-degree angle to flush mount to the top of the cubicles with self-tapping screws. The extrusion would lay atop the cubicle wall and ensure the signs attained a level alignment, modular office after modular office.

Having solved the orientation issue, we turned to the mounting challenge. Our solution? Drilling each sign with two countersunk holes. With them, hidden screws could attach the signs securely but discreetly to the cubicle walls.

In the world of graphics these were relatively small solutions, to be sure, but ones that NRG were highly appreciative of. With the assistance of Alliance Global Graphics, more than 589 cubicles in their new headquarters gained necessary office signage, and their clean attachment and uniform, level application provided a perfect complement to the new, flagship facility’s décor.