Project Spotlight - Blue Bunny Ice Cream

Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet Rebranding Initiative
Le Mars, Iowa 



Established in 1935, Blue Bunny markets over 400 ice cream treats, frozen desserts and frozen novelties across the U.S. in grocery stores, restaurants and convenience stores as well as on ice cream trucks and at event venues.

The company planned to launch a new logo, and its priority was rebranding coolers at a restaurant chain in Northern California from which attendants scooped and served Blue Bunny ice cream. Bright new graphics would be created in adhesive-backed vinyl and applied to the dipping cabinets.

But the ice cream company’s initial effort failed on several key counts. The original vendor’s decals were improperly sized, in some cases threatening to mask the glass that showcased the ice cream. What’s more, application was hit-and-miss, with at least one installer covering up a cooler’s vent with the vinyl.

This was a serious concern to Blue Bunny. A blocked vent could cause the cooler to overheat. The motor might burn out and require a costly replacement. Or, worst case, a fire could result and injury or liability ensues.

Clearly, an experienced graphics provider was needed—and one capable of handling a multi-location project on a highly accelerated schedule …



Gaining the assignment, Alliance Global Graphics leaped into action. Working with new and properly sized vinyl decals, we dispatched our installation crews on routes derived from our custom geo-mapping software so that they could accomplish their tasks in the most efficient way possible.

When visiting each of the restaurant chain’s ice cream coolers, our installers scraped off both the old graphics and the deficient new ones. The original supplier had simply layered the new designs atop the previous ones. Our “to-the-bare-metal” solution allowed for a much cleaner and more attractive application of the new Blue Bunny logo decals.

Key to the satisfaction of the ice cream manufacturer, we custom trimmed each graphic for an exact fit and applied custom-routed pieces over the vents with holes that enabled proper ventilation. Of course, the slotted vent cover designs perfectly matched the larger graphics.

“Alliance Global Graphics delivered professionalism, quality, speed and pricing. We were impressed with every aspect of their service,” said Susie Grogan, Senior Regional Sales Manager – West of Blue Bunny. “Joe and his team kept us fully informed of progress on a regular basis, and a photo was provided of every application. The project follow-up couldn’t have been better.”

Our assistance to the ice cream maker didn’t stop with the new cooler graphics. Shortly thereafter, we created over 70 banners and banner stands supporting the new logo launch and shipped them to Blue Bunny locations across the country.