Project Spotlight - Cross Country Staffing

Network-Wide Rebranding
Boca Raton, Florida


A leading provider of temporary healthcare professionals to more than 2,500 healthcare facilities from coast to coast, Cross Country Staffing maintained over 70 offices nationwide. However, as with many companies in diverse locations, identification throughout the company’s network was inconsistent.

For the Boca Raton, Florida-based firm, could Alliance Global Graphics rebrand multiple offices across the country so that they all had consistent logos?


Cross Country envisioned creating dozens of stand-off lobby signs featuring their name and logo. These signs would be constructed of acrylic and mounted to the reception room walls using stainless steel spacers.

Generally, for this challenge two solutions might be considered. A graphics solutions provider can fabricate the signs in one location to ensure consistent quality and gain economies of scale for a lower cost—some of which would be offset by the expense of packaging and shipping.

Conversely, the vendor can decentralize production. But with this solution, consistency is harder to maintain and economies of scale are forfeited.

Alliance Global Graphics envisioned—and implemented—a third option that combined the best of both worlds. For Cross Country, we printed all graphics in one location to ensure high quality. We also assembled kits of stand-off spacers with mounting instructions. Comprised of the lightest elements of the lobby signs, these packages were relatively inexpensive to ship in the first place, yet the client benefitted again from our discounted shipping program maintained by our parent company, Alliance Franchise Brands.

Locally, our offices or partners fabricated the heavier signage components in readily available ACRYLITE® Satinice Velvet-Texture (P95) Acrylic. They also added the graphic elements and installed the new signage.

Installers took photos of all applications and obtained sign-offs from each office manager to assure Cross Country’s home office staff of a successful effort. In addition to consistent new branding network-wide, they also enjoyed the leveraged bulk pricing and shipping discounts afforded by Alliance Global Graphics.