Project Spotlight - Remedi SeniorCare

Headquarters Lobby Sign and Related Graphics
Towson, Maryland


A leading provider of pharmacy solutions with nine locations throughout the U.S., Remedi SeniorCare required numerous branding and graphic solutions before moving into their new headquarters facility. Among them, the company envisioned privacy films for their conference room windows as well as motivational quotes to wrap various columns and walls.

Of particular concern to the client was the creation of a custom illuminated logo sign that would fit in the office’s pre-fabricated receptionist desk. A “clean” design and installation solution for the new sign was paramount, allowing for no viewer distraction from exposed lighting sources or electrical wires.


Selected among multiple competitors as the signage and graphics resource for Remedi’s new flagship facility, the Alliance Global Graphics team sprang into action.

Because the client did not want to see any unsightly edging of the privacy decals for the conference room windows, we custom cut translucent white film with tiny circles, applying a similar edge-concealing solution for the column and wall wraps.

The lighted reception desk sign provided a much greater test of our creative abilities. For it, we began by routing the Remedi logo in reverse on the back of the sign at 1/8” depth on an acrylic panel measuring approximately 12” x 24”. For the front, we printed the design in a slightly smaller size in full color on vinyl film, centered it on the acrylic backing, and illuminated it all discreetly with a strip of LED lights along the top of the sign.

The result? An illuminated lobby sign that met Remedi’s every expectation for a clean and cost-effective logo sign illuminated by a discreet yet highly dramatic “halo.” The client was so impressed by this and other Alliance Global Graphics solutions that our design templates were distributed throughout their network to upgrade branding in all other offices.