Project Spotlight - University of Maryland Medical System

Hospital Staircase Privacy Film
Baltimore, Maryland



Constructed of metal posts and handrails, the staircase railings at a major hospital in the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) featured individual panes of glass. These clear panels afforded those on the lower levels unimpeded views upward—and posed privacy problems for women guests and staffers who were using the stairs while wearing skirts.

Administrators at UMMS wondered if Alliance Global Graphics could suggest a solution? And, preferably one that would complement rather than compete with the carefully considered aesthetics of the medical facility.



Alliance Global Graphics visited the hospital and surveyed not only the problematic stairwells, but also the environment—noting the many natural elements including plants and water features. Intended to impart a feeling of tranquility, they contributed to the considerable appeal of the interior.

The solution designed for UMMS by Alliance Global Graphics? Custom-printed vinyl films for the stairwell’s glass panels. After identifying the individual types of plants at the hospitals, we developed a floral pattern that had plants in the foreground and tall grasses in the background. Looking as if they were part of the architect’s plan from day one, the new stairwell graphics not only afforded privacy, but also perfectly accented the hospital’s naturally themed décor.

With the new opaque graphics, the University of Maryland Medical System realized a decrease in potential liability relating to employee privacy. It also experienced an increase in worker and guest satisfaction with the healthcare facility.

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